Offshore Merchant Service

Offshore Merchant Service

With online business booming to new scales, survival without providing your customers proper debit/credit facilities online is not possible. This is where, for a wise and diligent business, we at AMSVL bring you a whole range high risk merchant accounts. No matter how risky and unpredictable your business is, in order to reap benefits from your online existence, contact us for opening an offshore merchant account today!

Offshore merchant accounts are highly in demand because whether a new business or an existing one, all of them can boost their online presence and build better relations with their customers. Unlike most merchants that don’t entertain anyone less than 2 years old, we at AMSL are here to partner with you from the very first day of your operations. Besides this, if existing businesses are looking for tax benefits on their high risk accounts and worried about increased business volumes, join hands with us for enjoying benefits that no one else in the business offers.

Along with this, AMSVL also brings you a hoard of other advantages, take a look:


Easy application

Unlike the hassles and documentation that is required for domestic accounts, offshore merchant accounts require minimal application hassle. We don’t bind you by strict laws, but make the process so easy that even novice and small businesses can approach us without hesitating.


Acceptance of multiple credits and currencies

Having an offshore merchants account offers retailers the advantage of accepting a number of debit and credit cards, and different currencies the world over. A number of domestic accounts are only limited to domestic currencies, and hence limits your audience to a certain geographical area. But, when talking about offshore merchant accounts, they are open to different types of currencies and are not limited to a single country.970313_10151671242819532_312507209_n

The end customers can also benefit from such accounts, as they need not perform another step of converting currencies via third party sources.


Safe and secure

Offshore accounts are known to be high risk accounts, but with AMSL one can remain assured about the safety of such accounts. We guarantee you highest standards of safety- we use the latest technology and implement highly secure systems to protect you from unknown fraud and encryption. With us, every bit of information about your financial information will be kept safe against all types of thefts.


Reliable payment gateway

Our credit and debits card processing gateways are highly stable and all time working. Neither you nor your customers need to worry about problems with the downtime payment processing. With our offshore merchant accounts, your business can accept any debit or credit card payments around the clock and with speedy payments.


We help you expand internationally

If you’re planning to expand your business internationally, you will need to provide customers with the option to purchase your products and services using their domestic currency, which can easily be done with the help of offshore accounts. Your business transactions will not remain limited to one country or currency.


Quick payments

Getting so much in no way means you’ll have to make compromises on payment delivery. Merchants don’t have to wait for days for the transfer of payments. Payments will be processed within seconds and you will have them instantly.

With a larger chunk of retail now being done online, it is needless to say how important it has become to operate with an offshore account that brings you closer to a global audience.

So, if you too have a business that has been classified as high risk due to some reasons, and are looking for a reliable partner who offers reasonable offshore merchant account services, you’re at the right place.

We’ll be glad to help you open and operate an offshore merchant account. For how we can do this, call us on 855­-267-8472 or feel free to ask for a free quote by writing to us at