Offshore Credit Card Processing

Offshore Credit Card Processing

If your business is classified as high risk business, and domestic banks and other financial institutions in the country aren’t willing to entertain your online credit card processing needs, there is no need to lose heart. With the help of offshore credit card processing services, you can reap not just the benefit of having a merchant account for your online business, but also cut down costs and expand your online presence without worrying about merchants asking for lengthy documentation and putting you through any unnecessary delay in getting the account.

At AMSVL, we offer you an entire package of offshore merchant services, including opening up of offshore merchant accounts and managing credit card processing on your behalf. Our payment solutions can be availed by virtually any kind of industry. So, whether it is casinos, gambling, gaming, online dating or any other high risk business, contact us today, and see how we can help you provide your customers a secure mode of making online payments using their credit/debit cards.tarjeta-arti-3

Given below is a small glimpse of how our offshore credit card processing services can help you:


When getting a merchant account becomes tricky

High risk business, whether existing or new are always looked at skeptically, and most often conventional banks and institutions refuse them online payment processing services. But, no the days of worry are gone, small or large,  if your business is looking for a reliable and secure merchant account provider, AMSVL is right here for you. Bring your proposal and get started with an offshore merchant accounts within days.


Easy application

Unlike domestic banks and merchant account providers, we don’t push you for providing us a heap of documents or impose too many restrictions and limitations on our dealings. Even small business and novice businessmen can approach us easily. You won’t have to pay a hefty application fee or deposit.

This makes our services more competitive than those of domestic players. Reduced costs, greater flexibility, enhanced services experience, and no hidden costs, makes our offshore credit card processing services highly in demand by a number of online businesses.


Acceptance of multiple credit cards

Once you have our offshore merchant accounts, there is a line of benefits you can enjoy. To begin with, our merchant accounts give you the flexibility of processing a large range of credit cards so that not just your domestic clients, but also your international clients can enjoy your services.


Acceptance of multiple currencies

As most online businesses are global in character, it makes more sense to allow your customers to make payments in a number of currencies. Our offshore credit card processing services precisely allow this. There is no need for third party intervention when it comes to converting one currency into another.


 24 hour services

With the help of offshore merchant accounts, your business can serve customers throughout the world, 24 hours on all seven days of the week. We not only provide you processing services, but also provide with a 24 hours security management of your accounts to keep them risk free.

All credit card transactions are authorized within seconds and receipts will be simultaneously sent to customers and merchants.

So, if you too have a business that has been classified as high risk due to some reasons, and are looking for a reliable partner who offers reasonable offshore credit card processing services, you’re at the right place.


We’ll be glad to help you open and operate an offshore merchant account. For how we can do this, call us on 855­-267-8472 or feel free to ask for a free quote by writing to us at