Offshore merchant processing

Offshore merchant processing

Internet has become a very profitable ways of doing business, so merchant account processing of credit card payments made for sale and purchase has become really important. In the competitive nature of things, business owners strive to acquire the best possible merchant accounts to benefit customers and enhance their profitability. Offshore merchant account have become really prevalent these days, they are a low commission account for merchant processing needs.

Offshore merchant account is an easy and convenient way to get a merchant account outside the country. It is easier to get a high risk offshore merchant account than a normal merchant account, but that doesn’t mean, offshore credit card processing account isn’t a normal account. Offshore acquiring banks have flexible guidelines for offshore merchant accounts, which makes it all that easier to acquire offshore merchant account.


Why AMSLV offshore merchant processing

At AMSLV we are merchant account service providers with an extensive network of offshore acquiring banks, which allows us to meet the needs of our clients, who want an online merchant processing account. We offer our clients and array of merchant processing services including offshore merchant processing service that is exclusively designed to help your business.image3

Whether you’re a high risk business or not, we have an offshore merchant processing solution to all your business needs. With offshore merchant processing service, you will be able to process various types of credit cards in a host of different currencies, which will give your business more flexibility in accepting credit card and debit card payments from anywhere in the world at anytime. AMSLV’s own secure payment gateway, which is acquired to ensure the security of our client’s financial information, makes us a service to choose for you offshore merchant processing needs.


Benefits of offshore merchantprocessing

Offshore merchant processing service provides business own a special type of merchant account, which is established with an acquiring bank in an offshore country. The offshore merchant processing account allows business owners to process card-not-present and card present transactions.

Most offshore acquiring banks have a pretty liberal underwriting policies, which allows offshore merchant processing to make high risk payment processing easy and quick for merchants who have faced a hard time trying to get their applications approved for a regular merchant processing account with domestic banks.

In addition to the aforementioned advantages, offshore merchant processing has the following benefits

  1. Credit card terminalOffshore merchant processing allows merchants to process multiple currencies. It allows business owners to process credit card payments in 160 different currencies with settlements possible in 18 major currencies
  2. Offshore merchant processing has lesser trading restrictions as compared with traditional or domestic banks
  3. Offshore merchant processing has no processing volume caps on number of transactions carried out in a month
  4. Offshore merchant processing in some countries (where business is established) also qualifies for tax exemptions
  5. Offshore merchant processing will all the merits of ease in credit card payment processing, increase a business owner’s target audience and increases revenue significantly

With most businesses turning to the internet, it doesn’t make sense that businesses with high risk should forgo the opportunity to make best use of the virtual markets. Take the advantage of offshore merchant accounts and offshore merchant processing and not only make your online presence felt, but take it the global levels. With offshore merchant accounts there is no limit to the volume of business you have, with all the above stated advantages.

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